• Counseling/Therapy & Psychology

    Assisting with understanding the problem(s), finding solutions, healing and moving forward

Individual counseling sessions are available on a limited basis.


The H.E.A.L. values:



The supernatural anticipation of God the Father’s highest & best.



The supernatural ability to build people up according to the life giving Word & wisdom of God.



The supernatural support experienced when poured into by God’s Word and God’s people.



The supernatural, unconditional action of our heavenly Father’s kindness, patience & forgiveness.

Romeo Penn

Dr. Romeo Penn

CEO & CO Founder

20 Years
of Expericence
Services We Provide

Healthy solutions for anger, depression, anxiety/stress, relational issues using God’s word and a variety of therapy options. If we are not a good fit for you, we will help you find the place that is!

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